Brain Tumor – Survival & Beyond

Brain Tumor – Survival & Beyond

Ever imagined how it feels to live with a brain tumor? Did you wonder deeply how people survive such a fight?

Well! This is beyond all imaginations and only the victim of brain tumor knows it well.

A brain tumor can be:

  • Cancerous(malignant) which means that it can lead to cancer.
  • Non-cancerous (benign) which means the tumor has no cancer-causing elements

A tumor is a ‘tremor-causing’ word for which people generally have a perception that either it leads to a person’s death or even if the person is able to survive, he cannot lead a normal life. BUT IT IS NOT TRUE AT ALL.

It can just be a bad chapter in one’s beautiful life but not the whole story.

“My strong opinion is that you should continue on with life as normally as you can, no matter what kind of tumor you have.”–Peter Black

This quote is a ray of hope for those who have decided to succumb to the brain tumor.

But we won’t let you give up so easily and that is why we are here with this blog to arouse in you a feeling to give your life one more chance, fight against the brain tumor and be able to survive it.

For that, we need to know the treatments available.

Which treatment shall be the best for the patient depends upon various factors such as

  • Type,
  • Size,
  • Location of the tumor,
  • Age of the patient.

After a complete diagnosis of the problem can a brain tumor specialist decide as to with which treatment needs to be initiated.

Here we go!


To treat a brain tumor, surgery is the most common treatment of all.

Removal of the tumor reduces the pressure on the brain and any remaining part of the tumor can be treated using RADIATION THERAPY or CHEMOTHERAPY.

The success rate of this treatment is high since most of the tumors are treated by surgery.

But mind you that the surgeon should be an expert. So never risk your life by getting yourself treated by an amateur.

Life After Surviving Brain Tumor

This blog shall not be able to do full justice if it does not describe as to what life is after getting free from the clutches of the brain tumor.

If you have a tumor, always remember, never let tumor have you.

To all the readers out there, we wish to convey that after the brain tumor has been treated perfectly, the person can bounce back to his normal life without any major differences and bask in its glory.

Defying all odds, many people survived for a very long and healthy life after being diagnosed with brain tumor due to the right treatment and strong willpower.

Be it your work, travel goals, eating or favorite sports; you can have it all gradually if proper instructions of the doctor are followed.

Believe it or not, brain tumor when treated cannot take away your life’s happiness and normality.

The neurosurgery department at Ojas Hospital provides treatments for Pediatric tumors, Brain tumors, Spine tumors, Nerve injury, Micro Neurosurgery and much more.

Time and again, our services have delivered phenomenal results for our patients because our core focus is not just treating but also help them to live a fuller life after the treatment.

Face tumor. Fight tumor. Beat tumor.

After that, don’t look back. We won’t let you go back on that way.

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