Could Your Family Genes Be The Cause Of Your’s Heart Disease

Could Your Family Genes Be The Cause Of Your’s Heart Disease

How your Genes be the cause of your Heart Disease?

Genetic factors are very much crucial in a person’s life as he/she inherits so many traits from his/her parents.

But did you ever wonder what role genes play when it comes to your heart?

It may sound shocking to some people but yes, genes can be a cause of your heart disease.

Many types of heart diseases can be inherited which can be passed down from generation to generation.

While there are many infamous inherited heart diseases having a major role in causing disease by mingling with other factors. In some cases, it also causes electrical disturbances in the heart which becomes a major cause of abnormal heart rhythms.

And it needs careful attention to detect this inheritance in other relatives of the same family as well.

Known as genetic predisposition or familial predisposition, it raises the level of chance of a person having a heart disease when one or both of his parents beara medical history which consists of heart-related problems.

According to medical research, genetic factors contribute to 40 % of the risk of heart diseases.

Often, people who have blood pressure have more chances of passing it on to their children which further can trigger the problem thus leading to heart diseases.

Conditions like high blood pressure or coronary heart disease may be inherited but there can be other genetic changes as well which lead to these problems.

There is a clear possibility that if a person has a heart disease then it can be inherited by his children.

And to detect this, doctors usually require the family history of the patient which prepares a ground to decide whether or not genetic factors are involved in the list of causes of heart disease.

How Genes Become the cause of Heart Diseases?

Genes are made up of chemicals called DNA. Genes help to make proteins which further help in the proper functioning of the body. Each gene in our body has been copied from two sources – Mother and Father.

Generally, an anomaly of just one copy is sufficient to cause heart disease with the help of inheritance.

The pattern in which diseases are inherited is known as the autosomal dominant pattern which means both men and women are equally affected and mutation or anomaly of just one copy is enough to cause a heart disease in this manner.

Health professionals use various medical researches to determine whether inheritance is working towards increasing the chances of the heart disease from parent to offspring.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing is what comes next wherein a person’s DNA is studied to identify as to how defenseless a person is to a particular disease.

Genetic Testing be the cause of heart disease

Genetic Testing needs proper counselling of the patient by the healthcare professionals in order to extract the best results out of it.

It supports the diagnosis of a person who is under the risk of inheriting heart disease, the causes and how other family members can be affected.

But it must not be assumed that this testing can prevent the disease from occurring since it can only detect the cause and how other family members can be affected by it.

With the advancement of medical science and new researches, various factors contributing to the inheritance of heart diseases may prove to be harmless and thus the perception will keep on changing and new facts will keep on erupting.

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