Dr. Anurag Sharma – A Blessing for the Heart Patients of North India

Dr. Anurag Sharma – A Blessing for the Heart Patients of North India

There are great and wise people all around. Some teach you how to walk on the aisle of life, some help you get back to where you were when you fall. Each person plays an indispensable role in one’s life.

The life is a complex question. To find its answer, you always need a help. You need to listen to your heart, your mind and still need to get counseled by a third person. In such a stressful life, it is evident that problems would come along. Well, that’s not the hurdle; the hurdle is when you aren’t able to overcome that problem.

Sometimes you may clean the mess yourself, but sometimes, you need professionals. And that’s where doctors come to rescue.

So, let’s talk about Dr. Anurag Sharma. To know who he is and what he has done, let’s start with his detailed introduction.

Dr. Anurag Sharma – Director Department of Cardiology

Dr. Anurag Sharma is a renowned and one of the most loved cardiologists in North India. With a versatile experience of over 15 years, he now is the Director and Chief Cardiologist at Ojas Super Specialty Hospital, Panchkula, Haryana. Ojas Super Specialty Hospital is a doctor-driven venture through a group of like-minded curers.

Dr. Anurag Sharma completed his MBBS from Government Medical College, Patiala and went on to pursue MD Medicine and DM Cardiology from reputed Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh.

He started his flight of career from Fortis Hospital, Mohali being an Associate Consultant in Cardiology. He then moved to Hyderabad and later to Ahmadabad. He also worked as Chief Cardiologist at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula, where he himself established the department. He has also directed the Department of Cardiology in Max Hospital, Mohali before starting his own venture.

Dr. Anurag Sharma is an active member of Indian Medical Association, Haryana branch, and is consistent in promoting the cause of ethical practices amongst medical practitioners in North India. He is a gold member of Heart Failure Society, Europe. Working relentlessly towards disseminating knowledge about the causes and possible treatment options for heart failure in patients, he has become a life member of the Heart Failure Society of India.

He is a Paul Harris Member and has been a Rotarian for past 5 years and a life member of Sahayata Cancer Society. He also is the Founding Director of Kamla Devi Memorial Society, an organization run in memory of his mother, Late Smt. Kamla Sharma. Through this society only, he has been sponsoring treatment of poor patients admitted in various hospitals for last 10 years. He is also the Founding Member of Society for Ethical and Affordable Healthcare, an organization working to create awareness about the transparency of medical practices.

His thoughts have been published in National and International Journals, worth glimpsers being American Journal of Cardiology, Indian Heart Journal, Neurology India and Journal of Saudi Heart Association. His tireless services are reflected through his regular contributions in articles of National Daily Newspapers regarding the causes, symptoms and various treatment options for heart diseases.

A Blessing to Heart Patients in North India

At the time of his long years of work, he came to know the mentality of the corporates. He felt very helpless when a poor was in need and his hands were shackled. He resolved to help all those needy. He realized that a doctor is not the one who makes money; he is the one who saves the lives.

He wanted to be that doctor, to whom everyone can look upon. He didn’t care about the money and other finances at all. He just dived into the pool of service and like a spirited carefree bird, he helped millions. It is always said that pure motives always have a way around. Maybe the God was with him and with his grace, he made up an excellent hospital which is an outstanding example of service sans financial means.

It is the hospital, which everyone could look upon to. Everyone is treated irrespective of the fact whether he has money or not. They care about the service, for that’s what doctors are made for.

Through the pious motives and selfless services, Dr. Anurag has saved many lives.

May it be 2 o’ clock in the evening, or it be that in early mornings, he was always present to help people. He is ever ready on one call. Not only does he perform well in his work, but he is also a bright and generous person too.

He is always ready to help people, give them wise advises and respects their virtues.

Patient Reviews For Dr. Anurag Sharma

Let’s have a look at live reviews on how Dr. Anurag is constantly serving for mass betterment and how people feel about it.

Mrs. Arti Kumar presents her Gratitude to Dr. Anurag Sharma and Dr. Suresh Singla for giving immediate medical care to her father in law (89 years) for an emergency Hip Fracture Surgery. She presents her sincere thanks to the team and the hospital for their sincerity and professionalism and wishes them a great future.

Heart Doctor in Chandigarh

The reviewer’s father had to undergo heart treatment. Despite being extremely nervous, Dr. Anurag soothed him and did the best treatment he could. Now, the patient and his family, all are fully satisfied and happy.

Heart Doctor in Chandigarh

The above review presents the reflexive actions of Dr. Anurag and Dr. Taruvar in emergency situations. The doctors here work to serve. The hands of clock and bundle of notes don’t matter when they are on call. They treat each patient like a family member and treat them like they are treating their own family.

Heart Doctor in Chandigarh

Happy reviews pour the hearts along. The feedback giver presents her deep regards for the services of Dr. Anurag and Dr. Sameer and says them to be the best in Cardiac Care and Surgery.

Mr. Raju Sapra highlights doctors’ personal traits and states them to be really helpful and good-natured. He felt that the care provided to him is genuine and that of what is provided to a family member.

With so many instances, Dr. Anurag Sharma, The best Cardiologist in North India not just cures the hearts, but wins them too. With pious approach and selfless service, he has proven to be an asset for the society.

At Ojas Super Specialty Hospital, each doctor works with the service motive and has no corporate mindset. Their motto is ‘Do No Harm!’ which mean that not only physically, but financially and mentally too there should be no harm to the people who seek aid from them.

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