How to protect yourself from extreme heat this summer?

How to protect yourself from extreme heat this summer?

Let nothing hold you back this summer!

Folks! The time has approached when you shall say or hear “It is too hot outside!” because it is summertime.

Let us take an example wherein you step out of your house unaware of the fact that you need to do something to protect yourself from the extreme heat. Try to imagine the situation. Done?

You must have imagined yourself to be full of sweat, low on energy, dehydrated and what not.

Don’t worry. We, the experts at Ojas Hospital, are here with another hot blog which shall give you a deep insight into how you can protect yourself from the scorching heat.

And here we begin!

Wear light, loose-fitting clothes

The main mantra to stay cool during summers is wearing loose-fitting clothes made of cotton or linen so that your sweat can evaporate.

Avoid dark colors. Dark colors are good absorbers of heat and thus attract more heat. Go for white and pastel colors as these do not increase the temperature of your body. Be smart and save the dark-colored clothes for

Scarves and hats

If you want to stay safe from the heat then don’t forget to wear scarves or hats when you go outside. This prevents the heat from directly reaching your head.

Make use of cotton stole to cover your head and face and protect it from sunlight and hot winds. Covering yourself also reduces the chances of face getting tanned and acts as a shield against loo. Make it a rule or a habit- No
going out without a scarf, hat or stole.

Take a cool shower

Summer means taking a bath twice or thrice a day. Take cold water baths on coming home after a tiring day. This cleans the sweat and dirt that sticks your body.

Grab your energy dose with a refreshing bath at any time of the day. A cool shower also lowers the body temperature and keeps you fresh and relaxed.

Help yourself this summer because no one can do it for you. Fight the damage with a shower.

Wear sunscreen

Protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the Sun with a sunscreen. Prefer to wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to safeguard the exposed body parts.

Apply sunscreen half an hour before stepping out from your place. UV rays are notorious for skin cancer and tanning as the body gets exposed to Sun for a long period of time. Use a good sunscreen for a healthy summer

Proper diet

How to protect yourself from extreme heat

Make a smart choice by including fruits and veggies in your daily diet. Cut down on foods like red meat and dry fruit that produce heat. Keep your body hydrated and full of energy.

Watermelon is the best fruit to have in this weather. To satisfy the appetite for a sweet dish, choose ice cream or ice lollies instead of ghee-rich sweets. Cut down fatigue and dizziness by not skipping breakfast as empty stomach causes dizziness during summertime.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very crucial for everyone during summers. Never forget to carry a bottle of water while you plan to go out. In case of emergency, buy a bottle of water from a nearby outlet.

You may also drink lemonade, glucose water or fresh juices to keep yourself hydrated and high on energy. Say no to alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they lead to loss of fluids from the water. Cut the heat and compensate for the loss
suffered due to sweat by drinking plenty of water.


How to protect yourself from extreme heat

Daily exercise is good for health but you need to watch out during summers. Vigorous exercise leads to exertion. Prefer jogging or taking a stroll early in the morning or after sunset.

Do not exert yourself so much that you start sweating a lot. Avoid exercising in the scorching heat and plan your exercise schedule when the Sun would not be able to extract your energy. You may join gyms or even meditate to maintain the right balance.

Consult the expert in case of emergency

Summer season needs to be dealt with care as it brings along many health complications which may harm you in more than one way.

Take care of the children who are below one year and consult the doctor immediately in case of any unwanted health condition. Your immediate action can save the health of your child during the summer season.

Ojas Hospital- the best healthcare provider

Ojas Hospital has been providing the best healthcare services for the last many years. Our experts are here to help you stay healthy. Contact us and leave the rest to us for we understand how important your health is.

Don’t delay and connect with us today to enjoy your summertime and prevent it from harming you or leading you towards unhealthy summers.

We cannot stop the summer from coming but we can stop it from affecting the health. Act now!

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