Immediate First Aid For Heart Attack

Immediate First Aid For Heart Attack

“Heart never sleeps.” Yes, it is a fact which cannot be denied. The heart keeps on working without taking even a single second’s rest. That is why; our heart needs more care and is one of the most delicate parts of our body.

A heart attack occurs when part of a heart muscle dies as there is no blood supply to that muscle due to some blockage.

When a person suffers a heart attack, there may possibly be two situations- sudden death when the attack is severe and the other, when the person is able to tolerate is given a timely first aid for further treatment.

The first aid provided to the patient can prove to be a life-saver treatment.

Shocking but true, most of the people are not aware of what should be done when a person suffers a heart attack. And that becomes the reason for a person losing his life.

Provision of timely aid in the right manner can save a precious life. More than 70% patients succumb to a heart attack just because they are not given first aid at the right time.

Waiting for an ambulance to take your near and dear one to the hospital? Or Waiting for a doctor to come to your place and start with the treatment?

That is not going to help you at all since first aid in such condition is necessary.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

  1. Severe pain or pressure in the center of the chest.
  2. Pain or pressure spreading to other areas like arms, shoulders, teeth, neck or upper abdomen.
  3. A problem in breathing.
  4. Dizziness
  5. Nausea

Such symptoms should be taken seriously.

Since there is no home remedy for heart attack as proper treatment is required for its cure. But somethings can be done in case of emergency till the medical aid arrives or the patient is taken to the nearest hospital facility.

Initial First Aid for Heart Attack

  • Do not leave the person alone.
  • Do not give any oral medication.
  • Keep the person in the lying posture.
  • Loosen his clothing and try to rush him to the nearest hospital facility.

Now wondering, what should be the first aid which should be provided in case of a heart attack? Let us shed some light upon it –

Make the person sit in “W” position

Make the person sit down with knees raised. Proper support should be given to his back and loosen his clothing especially if anything.

Do not allow the person to walk around. Also, keep the patient warm with the help of a covering like a blanket, jacket or anything of that sort.

Provide medications, if any

Person who is a heart patient has often been prescribed some medicines which can be taken in times of emergency. Try to obtain such information from the person suffering if his condition allows so and give him the medication.

Sorbitrate, Nitroglycerin and Aspirin are very well-known prescribed medicines by heart specialists which can be given in case of emergency.

But one should also be well aware of the allergies the patient may develop after having these medicines as he may be allergic to them.

Keep checking pulse and breathing

The person also needs to keep a check on the patient’s pulse and breathing. The level of responsiveness should also be checked as the person should not fall unconscious. This may further accelerate the problem.

Provide CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is used to push blood flow through the arteries with chest compressions along with mouth to mouth breathing.

This helps to supply oxygen to the lungs. This helps to make the condition stable before the medical aid arrives. This should be used only if someone is familiar with it.

Check if Automated External Defibrillator is immediately available

It is a computerized device which is used to pass an electric current to the heart to restore its normal functioning.

This is basically used when a person is unconscious which puts him at a higher risk of losing his life.

This device helps to check a person’s heart rhythm through monitors so one needs to be an expert in saving a person’s life with the help of AED. So, before the patient is taken to a hospital facility, his condition can be saved from deterioration.

Taking Patient to a Heart Specialist

Yet, it should be clearly understood that a heart attack cannot be fully cured at home.

Only assistance can be extended to the person in danger to make his condition stable so that he can be given medical aid by specialists.

First aid helps to win the race against time as this gives support to the patient to endure for more time and when the medical treatment starts, the response towards the treatment can be positive.

As heart attacks have become so common nowadays so everyone should be aware of the immediate first aid which can be provided in case of an emergency.

So let’s take it as an individual responsibility to fight heart attack in support of the medical services and take a pledge that no one dies of a heart attack due to non-availability of first aid.

At Ojas Hospital, we give a tough fight to the heart attack with our team of experienced heart specialists and advanced medical services as every life is precious for us.

Heart attack, we are up against you.

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