Joint Pain – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Joint Pain – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

Joint pain is something which has disrupted millions of lives and hindered their daily routine. Ask a joint pain victim and you will get to know what sufferings they have to go through every day.

Before we dive deep into the causes, treatment, and prevention of joint pain, let us first understand what joint pain is.

Joint pain is the discomfort, pain or inflammation which can be experienced in any part of the body which includes bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles too.

Through this blog, we shall take you on a journey which shall enlighten you about what are the possible causes of joint pain and how we can treat and prevent it.

So let’s begin!

Causes of Joint Pain

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is the biggest foe of joints. Further, the two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid (RA) which directly affect the body joints like wrists, hands, hips, and knees.

In Osteoarthritis, the breakdown of cartilage leads to joint pain. This cartilage serves as a protector to absorb shock which can affect joints.

Rheumatoid weakens the immune system by attacking the membrane that protects the joints. In both the cases, the person becomes a prey to the joint pains.

2. Injury

Getting injured is very simple but its after-effects are very burdensome.

Some injuries last for a very short time while some others give way to

chronic joint pains and sufferings. Falling down from stairs, slipping on the

wet floor, accident etc. are the major causes of injuries.

Healing time may vary and thus there can be lot many problems flowing in with such injuries till it has healed properly.

3. Infection

Due to some infection of the bone, pain may attack the joints. The person starts to experience mild or severe pains which in itself are a warning sign that this needs to be treated immediately. Infection weakens the joints and the delicate tissues which further causes pain.

4. Cancer

In the case of bone cancer, pain in bone and joints is the most common problem. As the tumor grows, the level of pain also increases rapidly. Such a situation needs immediate attention and expert treatment to prevent it from spreading further.

5. Other causes

There are some miscellaneous causes which in some way or the other cause joint pain. These are overuse of a joint, lupus, gout, breakdown of the cartilage etc.

Treatment for Joint Pain

1. Medications

Life begins when pain ends!

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce joint pains. But such medications should be taken only when prescribed by the doctor.

Also, a person should not become fully dependent upon medications. According to the research, these medications have proved to be useful for many people.

2. Heat and cold therapy

Managing pain! Heat therapy helps to relax muscles and reduction in stiffness. Whereas, using ice packs helps to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. Both the therapies help to treat joint pain with ease and gives relief from it for a certain period of time.

Prevention of Joint Pain

“Prevention is better than cure”

It is always recommended by the experts to prevent joint problems from occurring rather than treating them because it is easier to prevent pain than to treat it. So, one can adopt some preventative measures to build up a wall against joint pain.

1. Exercise

Indulging in exercise on a daily basis helps to stretch your body and thus making your body strong enough to prevent joint pain. Try harder and push yourself if you do not want to see yourself in pain.

But make sure that exercise which you do suits your body.

2. Eat right

More intake of anti-inflammatory foods and reduced intake of foods which increase joint pain should be adopted. Following plan should be made a part of your daily regimen:

  • Avoid fried and processed food
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs
  • Limited intake of dairy products
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco
  • Restricted intake of salt and preservatives.

There is no perfect diet mantra but for sure if excessive intake of everything is avoided then preventing joint pain becomes easier than before.

3. Medical consultation

What can be better than consulting an expert to obtain guidance to give a tough fight to joint pain and blocking their way? Health professionals can guide you in the best possible way as to how you can avoid joint pain problems from entering into your lives.

Joint Replacement Treatment at Ojas Hospital

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