Microdiscectomy – Benefits, Procedure, and Recovery

Microdiscectomy – Benefits, Procedure, and Recovery

What does Microdiscectomy mean?

Considering the older times, spinal surgery was taken to be large incisions, painful rehab and extended recovery periods. However, with the introduction of the microdiscectomy, it has indeed been transformed.

Also known as microdiscectomy or micro decompression, the procedure of microdiscectomy is a minimalistic intrusive procedure carried out on the patients having herniated lumbar disc. 

While the surgery is on, the surgeon aims to eliminate the portions of the herniated disc that pressurizes the spinal nerve of the patient, which further causes pain.

Who is benefited from Microdiscectomy?

According to the doctors at Ojas Hospital, the procedure of microdiscectomy is majorly effective in removing the sciatica pain resulting from the disc herniation. 

Sciatica is a painful condition, which is the result of the contraction of the spinal nerve. However, this pressure is most commonly the outcome of a herniated lumbar disc.

As the hernia grows and the damaged tissue enters into the spinal column, it presses on the nerves. This makes the nerves transmit the pain signals to the brain. However, the pain is construed to be travelling from the legs.

Perhaps in most of the cases, sciatica heals naturally within a time frame of a few weeks. But if the pain persists for more than 12 weeks, you may consider microdiscectomy since it will be beneficial for you.

Procedure of Microdiscectomy

Microdiscectomy Procedure and benefits

The main aim of performing microdiscectomy is to relieve the patient’s disc from the material that compresses their nerves. 

During the entire procedure, the patient remains unconscious without sensing anything, as he is under the spell of general anaesthesia. The patient is made to lie on his stomach, facing down. Then the following procedure is followed:

  • An incision 1 to 1.5 inch long is made right over the affected disc.
  • A microscope with light is used by the surgeon to view the affected areas.
  • Also, the surgeon might withdraw a small part from the bone that shields the root nerve.
  • With a tool so much like a scissor, the surgeon removes all the damaged herniated tissues, so as to relieve the pressure on the nerves.
  • Later the incision is sealed with the sutures.
  • However, the patient is discharged from the hospital either on the same day or on the very next morning.

Once the surgery is completed, the patient is relieved from the pain that was caused due to the pressure on the nerve. This is because of the space for the spinal nerve created inside the spinal column.

How much time is required to recover from Microdiscectomy?

As compared to other invasive surgeries, the recovery time for this procedure is shorter. As mentioned above, most of the patients are discharged on the very same day or within 24 hours of the surgery.

But before leaving the hospital, the patient should not forget to see the physical therapist or occupational therapist. This is because these therapists instruct you on how to reduce bending, lifting and twisting while working. They may also inform you about the exercises that can be performed to enhance the strength and flexibility of the muscles surrounding the spine.

Also, the patients who had undergone this surgery should abstain from driving, sitting for an elongated period of time, lifting heavy things and instant bending just after the surgery. 

Though the patient might be unable to recommence normal daily routine, the lifestyle should not be greatly impacted by the surgery.  

The team of proficient doctors at Ojas Hospital in Panchkula, recommends to restraint oneself from the workload for the initial two weeks after the surgery. 

Moreover, anything weighing more than 5 pounds should not be lifted by the patient, post surgery.

Furthermore, the best spine surgeons in Panchkula also recommend slow progress while resuming your normal physical activities. 

For instance, one might not be able to resume workouts or physical activities for at least two to four weeks from the day of surgery. Subsequently, the standard time for complete recovery is about 6 weeks.

Risks Involved in Microdiscectomy

As one of the best super speciality hospital in Panchkula, Ojas Hospital refers to Microdiscectomy as one of the safest procedures with rare complications. 

However, just like any other surgery this surgery also has a couple of risks involved, those are:

  • Damage to the nerve root
  • Incontinence of bowel/bladder (very rare)
  • Dural tear (cerebrospinal fluid leak) (Rarest of the rare)
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Continual disc herniation (very rare)

When to consult the doctor?

The best super speciality hospital in Panchkula, Ojas Hospital, clearly exhibits the outstanding record of relieving the patients from the spinal pain through successful microdiscectomy

Also, the doctors here do not recommend this surgery to every patient going through sciatica. Rather they refer microdiscectomy when all other treatments fail to ease the patient. 

The team of the best spine doctors in Chandigarh, closely examine the case and determine whether the procedure is required or not. If you are the one suffering from the same pain, then consult the doctor at the Ojas Hospital to diagnose the real concern.

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