Misconception or concerns related to Total hip replacement

Misconception or concerns related to Total hip replacement

When there is a replacement or removal of portions of parts that form hip joint, usually including your pelvis and femur (thighbone), it is called hip replacement.

Patients get relief from stiffness by hip Arthritis and hip pain by this treatment. Also, hip replacement serves excellent benefits for trauma conditions.

Total hip replacement is most common from all other types. It is known as total hip arthroplasty too.

During total hip replacement surgery in Chandigarh, our doctors fix artificial implants at the place of worn-out or damaged sections of your hip. Perhaps, including titanium metal shell, a socket gets replacement by the durable plastic cup.

Besides, you have removal of the femoral head to fix a ceramic or metal alloy ball. The new ball attaching with a metal stem gets insertion into the top of your femur at last. This procedure heals your hip pain and makes you walk regularly.

However, there are many misconceptions in people’s mind about hip replacement. This blog explores the viewpoint of our hip replacement surgeons in Chandigarh for various concerns related to total hip replacement.

Various misconceptions and concerns about total hip replacement

On failing of other procedures to relieve pain, physicians prescribe hip replacement surgery to patients. People have many concerns about hip replacement surgery, besides its success. Go through below to overcome some of the misconceptions associated with total hip replacement.

Avoid hip replacement as long as possible

People worry that if they have a total hip replacement procedure, it can prevent them from doing day to day activities and enjoying life as usual. The longer you put off having surgery, in older days, you may go through more problems while recovering from surgery. If not getting surgery at the right time, you have stress on your body by your already damaged joints. It can affect your quality of life and makes you weaker and deconditioned.

Age limitation for total hip replacement

It is a general misconception among masses that hip replacement is associated with people over 50. Undoubtedly, people in old age have more chances of hip-related problems though it is possible to require hip replacement at any age due to severe and persistent hip pain. Mostly, hip replacement surgery is valid for 20 years. Nowadays, by advanced surgical procedures and high-quality prosthetics, younger patients do not need hip replacement surgery for the second time, in most cases.

You cannot do anything for hip pain; it is merely a part of ageing

In today’s time, there are hardly any sources of pain that you need to tolerate. There are no reasons for a person to continue suffering from lifelong hip pain, even by Osteoarthritis that is a common problem with ageing. On not getting relief from cortisone injections and pain medications, your hip pain associated with Osteoarthritis can go by total hip replacement surgery.

It would take weeks to walk normally after your total hip replacement surgery.

Maybe, it would have been true earlier, but today it hardly holds any validity. Due to modern surgical techniques in hip replacement and improved medication, many patients of hip replacement surgery can walk on the same day of the operation. Although doctors recommend them not to drive for 2 to 3 weeks, they should walk for small distances daily to recover quickly. It may take between 3 to 6 months for the complete recovery of the patient.

You cannot have a hip replacement for suffering from severe arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a prominent cause of hip joint deterioration which makes patients with severe hip Arthritis genuine for hip replacement. Other than that if having tumours, broken bones or injury, you can need a hip replacement surgery. Surgeons may not perform a hip replacement if patients have feeble health.

For best results, prefer an anterior approach for hip replacement.

There are rumours that hip replacement is performed best from the front. It is not such. It is as good and least risky for nerve injury, fracture and infection to do surgery by newer approaches from slightly behind or the top. Although, you can recover faster from any surgical procedure by modern techniques.

Total hip replacement surgery always has complications.

Hip replacement surgery has some risks like other surgeries, but patients rarely have complications due to technological and medical advances. Earlier, patients used to have risk factors like infections, hip dislocation and medical advances post-surgery. Today, by improved prosthetic design and material, new surgical techniques and quick recovery protocols have made total hip replacement more effective and safer.

Ojas hospital – Get hip replacement surgery in Chandigarh by an advanced approach

Ojas Hospital is among the leading hospitals offering reliable and cost-effective treatment for hip replacement.

By the use of modern techniques and quality material of prosthetic designs for hip replacement, patients get treatment up to their expectations.

Whether you need total or partial hip replacement surgery due to injury, Osteoarthritis or any other reason, our hip replacement surgeon in Chandigarh makes efforts with professionalism to obtain the best results.

Our specialists have an excellent understanding to offer the right treatment for your hip by medication and surgery. They ensure you walk on the same day after your hip replacement.

If you are delaying hip replacement surgery by any of the misconceptions or concerns stated above, take our help for information regarding, to make the right decision for your health well-being.

Also, If you need total or partial hip replacement surgery in Chandigarh, contact us to get better with your hip joints.

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