Obesity – The Cause of Rising Heart Diseases

Obesity – The Cause of Rising Heart Diseases

What is Obesity?

That extra fat accumulation in your body is Obesity and it also affects other parts of the body especially the heart. It has become one of the major causes due to which heart diseases are rising.

But why do we need to check the obesity level? Is it not natural to gain weight with time?

What if one does regular exercise but still not able to maintain his body fat? Does obesity affect our heart’s health?

These are the general questions asked by people in curiosity to know what their obesity level says about their health. Obesity affects heart the most as it is a soft target for all the health problems.

Causes of obesity

There are different causes of obesity which are –

1. Consumption of excessive calories

When a person intakes calories exceeding the normal limit, such calories accumulate and start appearing as extra fat on the body which leads to obesity. Such foods are nuts, bananas, peanut butter, yogurts, juices, chocolates etc.

2. Inactive lifestyle

Due to an inactive lifestyle nowadays, obesity has become a common problem. No physical exercise and use of modern technology to make day to day tasks easy are making people fat and lazy. Sitting for long hours continuously without any healthy movement is helping obesity to spread its wings and affect the health of the people.

3. Sleep deprivation

When people are deprived of proper sleep, they tend to gain unhealthy weight as our body needs a sound sleep. It is commonly observed that people who are deprived of sleep due to various reasons are mostly obese.

4. Medications

People nowadays take medicines prescribed by their doctor for curing various problems. But some medicines help to put on weight. Though it is not the case with every person on medication, most of the cases show such signs.

5. Psychological factors

Some people tend to eat more when they are going through some emotional changes. For example, sadness, happiness, anger, boredom etc. Such overeating affects their body and becomes a cause of accumulating fat on the body.

6. Heredity factors

Sometimes, it is due to heredity that people are obese. When one of the parents or both is fat, it is a natural case that their children become vulnerable to obesity. In some instances, children begin to gain extra weight at a very young age.

How is obesity a reason for heart diseases?

While obesity is a root cause of many diseases but the deadliest one is the heart disease.

The larger the body, the more blood circulation it needs.

As a person puts on weight, the size and structure of his heart also change and the heart has to pump harder in order to circulate blood to other parts of the body.

As a result, the heart muscles get thicker and it becomes difficult for the heart to relax while it is beating.

With time, it becomes laborious for the heart to adjust to the changes that it is undergoing.

It causes abnormal heart rhythms which may lead to heart diseases and in some extreme cases, a person may suffer a severe heart attack and even death of the person.

It is observed that obese people complain of high blood pressure which again is one of the primary causes of heart attack.

How to save your heart from obesity?

In order to save yourself from obesity and further complications that it brings with itself, some habits need to be adopted and some need to be discarded.

The power is in our hands to overpower obesity thus preventing any heart diseases.

We can save our heart by –

1. Indulge in physical activities

Get rid of your sedentary lifestyle and adopt a new routine where healthy physical activities are a part of the day.

A person can choose any sort of activity that he may like such as going for a walk, playing sports, cycling, swimming and many more. Such activities give energy to the body and help to burn that extra fat.

While at work or out somewhere, choose stairs over lift. With this, a person can carry on his normal routine and also keep himself fit simultaneously.

2. Avoid intake of extra calories

Calorie –rich food should be avoided in order to keep obesity at bay. When we take calories in excess than needed by our body, that is converted into fat but if we avoid its intake it will help us maintain a healthy body.

3. Eat healthy food

It is recommended by health professionals to include fruit and vegetables in daily diet. Peas, beans, lentils, fish, fiber-rich whole grains are all very healthy for the heart. Such foods should be included as a main part of the diet. High- fat dairy products should be avoided.

4. Take enough sleep

Getting enough sleep helps avoid maximum health problems including obesity. Researchers have proved that those who do not get enough sleep are at a higher risk of obesity and thus can also develop heart diseases. And if a person is unable to sleep properly, he should definitely consult the doctor.

5. Stress management

Stress leads to increase in hormones like cortisol and serotonin which becomes a major cause of obesity. Stress often leads to building up of fat around the waist. Managing stress in an effective way surely helps to keep obesity under control and also protect the body against heart diseases.

6. Special care when parents are obese

In such cases, proper care and check should be kept on the body weight and any other symptoms which may lead to obesity as there are maximum chances of children becoming obese due to heredity factors. Such problems should be nipped in the bud.

7. Routine check-ups

One should always go in for routine check-ups even if there are no symptoms of any such problems. Such check-ups help to detect any sort of problems, if any, at an early stage since prevention is better than cure. Nowadays people have become more health-conscious and are taking every health- related issue very seriously.

Obesity needs to be kept under control and for this preventive measures need to be taken to build up a strategy to fight obesity.

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