When to see a Pulmonary Specialist?

When to see a Pulmonary Specialist?

We do suffer from chest related problems once in a while in our life for which we generally consult our family physician. But there are instances where either there is an inadequate response to treatment or we have not felt completely satisfied with the approach. This is the time when we should consult a pulmonologist!!!!!

Who is a pulmonologist how is he trained?

In simple words, a pulmonologist is a chest physician who specialises in chest related diseases. This speciality was started as a post MBBS three year training course in institutes to train the doctors majorly in chest infections but presently seeing the upcoming advancement in field of chest medicine, Government of India has started following western practice by starting pulmonology (chest medicine) as a super speciality (post-doctoral fellowship) course in few of the institutes all over India.

So, all over India, we see two types of chest specialists first MD chest medicine and second DM chest medicine.

So, you must be wondering why so much intensive training is needed. In fact, now chest medicine in itself is recognised as a super speciality like cardiology (heart-related), neurology (brain etc.). 

When you need to show a pulmonologist?

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Chest related problems produce general symptoms such as cough, fever, weight loss, decreased appetite, sputum production, wheezing, breathlessness, chest pain and difficulty in breathing. There can be many other symptoms in combination with these and if anyone is experiencing them, he needs to consult a pulmonologist.  

How a pulmonologist will approach your problem?

The doctor will listen to your problem carefully and do the relevant clinical examination following which he can share his viewpoint with you regarding the problem and may further ask for a few tests. The commonly done tests for chest disorders are chest X-ray, ECG, Spirometry, CT-Scan of the chest, sputum tests etc.   

In a certain subset of patients, your pulmonologist may face some overlap with other diseases such as diseases of heart, ENT or kidney. In such situations, he may further request for an opinion from alternate speciality for better understanding and providing multidisciplinary care. 

How pulmonologist is different from a physician, family physician or an ENT specialist?

Medical training enables you to assess the patient with a standard and special approach to find a diagnosis so other doctors may act as a specialist but the difference can be seen in assessment and approach which will be much more refined and specialised of a pulmonologist than other doctors.

Moreover, once other doctors have some confusion, they themselves may send you to a super-specialist for the second opinion.

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