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Healthy Oral Cavity

In the human body, the mouth is the first part of the alimentary canal that gets food and produces saliva. The oral mucosa is the membrane epithelium which is lining the inner side of the mouth.

Our mouth contains 2 regions, the vestibule, and the oral cavity. The vestibule is the area lies between the teeth, lips, and cheeks. The oral cavity is confined at the sides and in front by the alveolar process and at the back by the isthmus of the fauces.

Procedure/Facilities For Healthy Oral Cavity

RVG Digital Radiology

It is digital radiography in dentistry which is a form of X-ray imaging. In it, Digital X-ray sensors are used instead of photographic film. It provides time efficiency in any dental treatment.

Ultrasonic Scaling

In it, an ultrasonic scaler is used to clean teeth. It vibrates and a process called cavitation forms tiny bubbles at tool’s curve. It is a basic process for teeth, It will vanish all the deposits from your teeth

Single Setting Painless Endorotary RCT

Root Canal Treatment is necessary when the soft tissue inside the root canal get swelling or infected, It is a boon for aged people who need a safe and fast treatment.

Dental Implants

These are surgical components that Interfaces with the bone to provide support to the dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, etc.

Post and Core Procedure

It is a type of dental restoration which is required when there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth tissue. A post is fixed into a prepared root canal, then core restoration retains the final crown.

Crown & Bridge Procedure

It involves replacing the damaged teeth by removing a portion of enamel to make some room for a crown to be placed. Then, measurements of the teeth is made, which serve as a dummy from which the bridge and crowns will be made.

Laser/Cosmetic Restoration

Cosmetic Laser Dentistry includes the treatment of gingiva. These tissues frequently need to be altered because of swelling, proliferation, subgingival restorations, etc.

Teeth Polishing & Bleaching

It is a whitening process for teeth. It helps in restoring the natural color of teeth by removing stains from the tooth surface.

Removable Partial/Full Denture

A denture is a replacement for missing teeth and tissues. There are Two types of dentures available i.e. complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are not available, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are available.

Flexible Dentures

These Dentures are a kind of partial denture, made up of a softer material. Flexible Dentures are more comfortable.

Flap Surgery

It is a process in which the gums are separated from the teeth and after the separation, a dentist can reach the root of the tooth and the bone.

Treatment of Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums is a sign of poor dental hygiene. Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, Stop smoking, Reduce stress level, Increase of vitamin C and K, etc are the best treatments of bleeding gums.

Root Planning

It is also known as conventional, non-surgical periodontal therapy. It is a process involving removal of dental plaque and calculus.

Fixed Orthodontic Wiring Treatment

This treatment is used worldwide to correct twisted, crowded, buried or prominent front teeth.

TMJ Management

It include using hot & cold packs, taking anti-swelling & or muscle treatment medications, or learning calmness techniques to decrease tension in your jaw muscles.

Oral Surgery (Minor & Major)

Doctors can do a huge number of surgical interventions in the mouth. Minor oral surgery includes smaller operations and major surgery includes medical procedures that involve surgery of the teeth, gums and jaw bones.

Jaw Fractures, Apicoectomy

It is required when an infection develops after root canal. We will use a dye that highlights fractures in the mouth.

Removal-Tumour & CYST of Oral Cavity

Jaw tumors and cysts are relatively rare growths that build in the jawbone. These growths can be aggressive and strike the surrounding bone and tissue and may displace teeth.

Special Dental Care for Tinny Tots & Senior Citizen

We at Alchemist Ojas Hospital provide expert and special dental care for tinny tots and senior citizens.

Special Packages for Overseas Patients

Alchemist Ojas Hospital is well known at worldwide level. We offer special packages for our international customers.

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