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Welcome to the Department of Dietitian & Nutrition Services

A diet is not just about eating the right foods; it has a lot to do with the portions you are eating, the amount of water you are drinking (to keep yourself hydrated), the amount of time you allot for physical activities, and many such factors.

Simplify your Health. Qualified Nutritionist offering diet and lifestyle advice to those wishing to support or maintain their health, provide optimum nutritional support during times of illness or improve mental/physical performance.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Dt. Shivani Gulati is nutritionist and intuitive eating counsellor, helping people improve their health by improving their relationship with food

Best Dietitian & Nutrition in Chandigarh

Dietitian & Nutrition Services

Right Nutrition, Self help, Weight loss or gain I take a different approach to food and diet by focusing on the nourishment food provides. This means no more dieting. No more restriction. No calorie counting. No calculating grams.Simply eat whole, nourishing foods in the right balance for your body.

Improving Lifestyle

A healthy diet as per your lifestyle plays a key role in staying healthy and happy. A customised well balanced, nutritious plan will give you more energy, meet your body’s nutritional needs, and supplement a good regime to help promote healthy you.

Initial Nutrition Assessment

Plans are developed to fit your lifestyle and unique nutritional needs based on health and physical activity goals.

Personal Nutrition Counseling

This plan includes 5 days of sample menus based on your food likes, dislikes, lifestyle, and training. The menu plan is easy to understand and shows you what to eat, how much to eat, and includes sample meal ideas.

Dr. Shivani Gulati
Consultant Dietitian and Nutritionist
M.Sc F&N, PG Nutrition & Dietetics, Diabetic Educator, Trained Bariatric Nutritionist, Keto Diet Advisor