Welcome to the Department of Radiology

The Department of Radiology is equipped with the latest equipment for routine as well as specialized Radiological procedures.

Neurology Services

  • X Ray Machine.
  • Ultrasound GE Logic P9
  • Portable Ultrasound GE Vivid
  • 32 Slice CT- Siemens

Services Offered include


Routine Screening ultrasound of abdomen and breast for early detection of malignancy/cancer.


All routine emergency X-Ray, Ultrasound (FAST), Doppler, CT for Blunt and Penetrating Trauma.


  • Paediatric – All drainage procedures
  • Adult – Arterial and Vinoms interventions, Drainage Procedures, Biliary interventions, Guided blocks/injections
  • USG guided injection for shoulder and joint disease.


  • All routine diagnostic evaluations – X-Rays, Ultrasounds/Doppler Study, and CT Scans including CT Angiography, 3D Reconstruction.
  • CT /Ultrasound Guided FNAC and Biopsy.

Restorative and Rehabilitation

  • Ultrasound and CT guided blocks for chronic pain management.
  • Pain Relief – Celiac Plexus Block.