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    PANCHKULA -134116

Welcome to the Department of Neurosurgery

The Department of Neurosciences provides patient care services for a wide range of neurosurgical and neurological disorders. The Department is the primary referral center for patients with complex brain and spine orders.

The Neurosciences Team at oJAS Hospital is considered among the best and one of the leading centers in India. As one of the leading Neurosurgery Center in the country, we offer surgical experience and expertise that few others can match. Our team’s professional proficiency is complimented with our endeavor to treat our patients with compassion, care, competence and a firm commitment to ethical medical practices.

We use the most modern techniques in treating all the brain and spine disorders lesions in children, adults and elderly with minimally invasive and microscopic approaches. Our objective is to use the newest proven techniques without compromising patient safety, surgical goals and outcomes. Our unceasing effort is to minimize treatment related complications and to improve patient’s quality of life.

Equipment, Infrastructure & Amenities

  1. Modular Operation Theater with laminar air hose
  2. 32 – Slice CT Scan
  3. 1.5 T MRI
  4. C-Arm
  5. Operating Microscope
  6. All Equipment’s for Neurosurgical procedures
  7. Separated fully equipped ICU’s with experienced staff
  8. Ventilators
  9. CUSA – Cubitron Ultrasonic Aspirator
  10. Critical Care Team
  11. EMG, EEG, Nerve Conduction Studies

Neurosurgery Treatment & Procedures

  1. Brain Tumors
  2. Spinal Tumors
  3. MISS (Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgeries)
  4. Cerebral Aneurysms and AVM’s
  5. Carnioplasty
  6. Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery
  7. Stroke – Intracranial Bleed & Infarct
  8. CSF Rhinorrhoea
  9. Hydrocephalus – Adult & Pediatric
  10. Cervical Spine Surgery for Disc, Stenosis, OPLL
  11. Lumbar Disc Surgery – Microdisectomy & Endoscopic Disectomy
  12. Lumbar Spine Surgery for Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis
  13. All Range of Pediatric Neurosurgical Procedures
  14. Spinal Instrumentation – Pedicle Screws and Plates
  15. Pediatric Neurosurgery – Tumors
  16. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Services Offered


  1. 24 hour Trauma for Brain and Spine Injuries and Neurosurgical & Neurological Emergencies.
  2. Fully dedicated Neurocritical team.

Restorative and Rehabilitation

Fully equipped physiotherapy center with trained staff for Neurosurgery cases.


  1. Digital XRay
  2. 1.5T MRI
  3. 32 Slice CT Scan
  4. Cerebral DSA
  5. CT Angio
  6. USS
  7. EEG
  8. EMS
  9. Nerve Conduction Studies

Meet Our Experts

Dr. Prashant Maskara


The Institute of Brain & Spine Surgery (TIBSS)

The Institute of Brain and Spine Surgery (TIBSS), Ojas Hospital, Panchkula provides patient care services for a wide range of neurological diseases and disorders. With a team of highly experienced senior Neurosurgeons, this is the right place for the management of complex Neurosurgical conditions which other smaller centers may find difficult to handle.