Welcome to the Department of Neurology

Neurological disorders are taking a toll on people’s health very rapidly. These disorders occur in the nervous system that further has two anatomic parts:

The central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord
The peripheral nervous system, which transmits sensory information between the muscles, tissues and nerves in the body to the brain.

When these connections get disrupted, it leads to neurological disorders. The experts at Ojas Hospital provide seamless treatments to the ones affected by neurological disorders. The modern approach towards treating the disease is what separates us from the other hospitals.

Neurology Services


Nerve Muscle Weakness

Dementia/Memory Loss


Facial Deviation and Pain

Walking Imbalance


Numbness of Limbs

Neck pain/Back Pain

Vision Loss

Parkinson’s Disease


Meet Our Experts

Dr. Rahul Mahajan